An investment program is a separate part of the real investment portfolio of Crypto-Capital Bank formed out of investment projects grouped by sector, regional and other criteria for management convenience. The investment program is a holistic management entity in which the portfolio diversification method is efficiently used. The criterion for selecting the investment preference of an object is a generalizing feature of advantages and disadvantages of investing into separate directions from a particular investor’s point of view. In the process of studying these features the following are being formed:

- investment prospects level of certain branches of the financial flow;

- investment prospects level of individual real projects;

- investment prospects level of certain financial (stock) investment instruments, etc.

Having formed the investment environment as a set of economic, financial, and legal conditions Crypto-Capital Bank applies a diversification method as the distribution of the portfolio's shares with the expansion of the profitability level and volatility percent stabilization. Conservative investment policy is applied here and it is aimed at minimizing investment risk as a prime objective. The form of this policy implementation is the formation of a conservative investment portfolio using a single digital currency Bi2Coin as a financial instrument and a capitalized asset. The formed investment program offered by the Crypto-Capital Bank Service allows using the portfolio assets in more than two hundred different strategies as to investment class. Directions at the program diversification are: investment funds and crypto-currency assets, options, gold and currency futures, raw materials and intangible assets, securities as well as venture investments and cooperation with new projects. When determining the investment prospects of an investment object, some of the portfolio diversification directions have the status of high-yielding as well as risky ones. In order to ensure security of investments, a reserve fund for each share of the portfolio, CCB, was created and it ensures the return of the assumed risk percentage with no return of a part of the investment in this direction. The program offers investment with a minimum period of portfolio share operation of 30 days with the total interest rate from 1.3% per day.

A banking program offers a universal method to ensure profitability with minimum investment within a short time. Crypto-Capital Bank applies "Banking portfolio" strategy not only in relation to bank assets but also to liabilities. In particular, a notion of "Deposit portfolio" is being singled out, which is a balanced flow of operable funds of alternative investments and assets as securities that also guarantee stable percentage of receiving funds liquid flow by capitalization.

The notion of a short-term deposit is formed here; these investments have stable return and demonstrate low level of the risk-return ratio.

The main portfolio deposits are individuals (customers) and other financial institutions as well as funds.

The specialized institution of Crypto-Capital Bank manages portfolio capital primarily in the stock market and other capital markets as an institutional investor that does not directly invest in industrial production, agriculture, and other fixed-income areas, but invests in securities of the companies operating in the real sector of the economy.

The program assumes investment for the period of seven to twenty-one days with the fixed interest rate of 0.5% per day and has the status of a riskless portfolio transaction.